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Hall Chooses Westpoint Academy For Olympic Opportunities

Lance Morris, Staff Writer

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 Sitting in his room after a phone call from the United States Military Academy at West Point, senior Abraham Hall began to think of his future, the honor of serving his country, the chance to better himself in track and build a future.

 “At first I was wondering why they were calling me,” Hall said. “I’m just a normal guy but then they said I was a leader and it made me feel like I was above my class.”

 Hall received a phone call asking him to set-up an appointment with WestPoint, where he will be running track and training for the 2016 Olympics.

 “I love track and field, and I also love my education, so for college why not do both,” he said.

His mother, who was a Marine for six years, influenced his decision.

 “She told me it would be a special thing and that I could benefit not only in college but in life because of the economy,” Hall said.

He is a four time District Champion and Regional Qualifier in the 100 meter dash; if he makes the State meet this year, he will be a three time State Qualifier. 

 “I’m glad to be here because coaches from different schools will run you down a wall and not care but here coaches do care,” Hall said. “They understand getting an education and then getting better at sports.”

With a little more training, he said he would be on the same level as his opponents.

 “Right now I wouldn’t do as good as I hoped but with more training I should be right on par with the competition,” Hall said.

He now holds the school record for the 100 meter dash at 10.19 seconds.

“Abraham has worked extremely hard to get where he is,” Head Boys Track Coach Ken Graber said.  “So many people think that athletes that succeed are just natural and don’t really have to train hard, which is untrue.  Track and Field is a demanding sport and to be as successful as Abraham has, it takes exceptional work ethic and a drive to be the best.”

Graber is proud of Hall’s choice.

 “I am extremely proud of his decision to attend WestPoint Military Academy and his willingness to serve our country,” he said. “This will open a lot of doors for his future; it will give him the discipline that he craves.”


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Hall Chooses Westpoint Academy For Olympic Opportunities