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Graduation Means Time To Enter Real World

Jessica Pina, Staff Writer

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Hearing the words, “Congratulations, you’re finally graduating!” sounds surreal. Images of wearing all red from head to toe suddenly appear in my mind. And after 13 years of school, it’s finally over.

When I imagine walking across the stage at Verizon Theater, and shaking Ms. Grant’s hand, I begin to feel an exciting vibe run down my back. Yet at the same time, I’m beyond scared. I’ve grown up all my life knowing nothing but going to school. At the age of five, children are welcomed to kindergarten, and finally, at the age of 18, they are sent into the real world.

It’s almost unimaginable. I’ve said many goodbyes, and “I’ll miss you!”, or “Lets keep in touch”, but I still have this odd feeling in the back of my head that I’ll see everyone of my friends next fall. Although, in reality, I’ll be lucky to see just a handful of my old friends. I can’t help but feel that way, it has been like that all throughout school; you say goodbye in June and then hello again three months later in August. But this time it’s different. The goodbyes are for real, the “I’ll miss you” is an understatement, and the “Lets keep in touch” turns into a phrase that now has no meaning.

It’s a big step to take, one of the biggest most of us have ever had to take. The transition from high school to the “Real World”, whatever that may be, is haunting. This is when one is forced to finally grow up, whether they want to or not. And maybe that is the reason why this change is so frightening; we know that these memories will forever stay here, in this building, never to be relived again.

Ten years from now, I wonder whatmy life will be. I wonder if I’ll be happy, and if I’ll really miss these hallways and feet that once walked in them. I’m guessing that I won’t. The thought that this small school is nothing compared to this big world then comes to mind. I should feel honored that I am finally able to make and start my life. Yes, that’s one of the scariest thoughts I’ve ever had, but its also one of the greatest.

On June 9, when I finally hear my name called and receive my diploma, both the feeling of excitement and the feeling of being scared will be there, but I’ll be ready. I’ll throw my cap into the air with the rest of my class at the end of the ceremony, and say, “Congratulations Class of 2012. We finally made it.”

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Graduation Means Time To Enter Real World