Instagram Provides Users With Communication Through Photos

Jessica Pina, Staff Writer

Ever hear the saying, “a picture is worth thousand words”; wondering about what it truly means to communicate with photos? Imagine documenting events or memories saved in your photo album for all to see on a social networking site. Instagram is an appealing app on the smart phone that has taken a new approach to keeping in touch. 

Sometimes a picture or scene speaks more words than a book. It speaks differently to so many people. There is not one way to look at a photo. The image of seeing a brightly lit candle in the pitch dark of night, with a rainbow of a thousand red and orange flames speaks more to people than the words “the candle was on fire”. This interesting concept has changed the way many internet users choose to communicate with friends. Rather than telling someone where you are or what you are doing, why not show them?

Instagram was created in October of 2010 by two Stanford University students. For two years the company only had 13 employees until April 9, when the company was sold to Facebook for $1 billion. The fascinating thing about the site is that it is only accessible through an app on a smart phone.  Unlike other social networking sites, one cannot simply type the URL into a desktop computer and connect with friends in the usual way. Although the program is two years old, it has just started to become popular. Now fans can configure their photos to instantly post to Facebook , Twitter and Tumblr.

One great thing about the app is that it’s also a photo editor. Even though the site is not as advanced as Photoshop, users can still edit their photos with many different sepia tones, along with cropping and blurring effects. The app is mainly for viewing and sharing photos. There are options to create captions, comment and “like” people’s pictures, but that is about where the communication stops.

The thought that pictures will be the new way to communicate is quite exciting. Will this make people consider documenting memories more often; maybe even change the way people look at things? This app takes the photos, one of the best and most exciting elements of social sites, and centers on them.

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