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Sparks’ Lucky One Romance Novel Predictable But Satisfying

The movie based on Nicolas Sparks novel The Lucky One will be released April 20.

Jessica Pina, Staff Writer

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Nicolas Sparks does it again with his 14th bestselling book called The Lucky One. Many readers have seen the recent movie preview and have probably thought that it was just another chick flick love story. While this is a story about two people falling in love, it is not only about that. One key element that plays a part in the plot is luck. The entire book is based off of a lucky charm: an old, ratty picture of a woman found in the ruins of a war scene.

The book is about Logan Thibault, a marine who has just come back from serving three tours in Iraq. In the beginning of the story, readers find out that Logan has packed up a few of his belongings, and decided to leave his cozy home in Colorado on foot. Without fully knowing where he is going, he somehow finds exactly what he is looking for.

Soon after, one learns that Logan found the photograph on a hot sunny day while on tour. He notices a note on the back from “E” that seems to show it was meant for someone that she was close to, so he decides to put it on the local bulletin board for someone to claim. After weeks of no one taking the picture, Logan decides to take it back for some reason he cannot explain. The photo has now been in his pocket every day since he found it on that hot afternoon in Iraq. His friend Victor explained to Logan that the picture is his lucky charm, how else would he have come across all his recent good fortune so coincidentally? Although Logan does not believe in luck or chance, he still cannot seem to let himself leave or go anywhere without the picture of the woman in his pocket. Finally, six months after arriving home, Logan sets out to find E.

The setting takes place in Hampton, North Carolina; the small town is a perfect location for the book. When Logan finds the girl in the photo he applies for a job at a dog training facility that her grandmother owns. When the two meet, Logan is instantly convinced that he was meant to find the photo so that he could one day meet the woman in it, Elizabeth. Logan doesn’t know what he is doing so many miles away from home, but he knows he cannot leave just yet.

Although the novel is well-written, it is very predictable and a little too traditional when it comes to the format of the storyline. Overall, this is a must-read for all readers who love romantic stories; Nicolas Sparks knows just how to relate to women when narrating the book. Even though the story is told by three different people, the author still manages to keep the three different characters separate when it comes to their personalities.

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Sparks’ Lucky One Romance Novel Predictable But Satisfying