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Teacher Wins First Place In KISS FM Radio Contest

Jessica Pina, Staff Writer

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After hours of filming, producing and clicking, the final product is finished. The time two students spent on singing and recording paid off when History teacher Amber Bermudez realized that she has just won the KISS FM 106.1 radio contest for creating her own High School Musical.

“When the station called me and said ‘Amber Bermudez! You’re the winner!’ I just remember screaming!” she said.

Two weeks ago, 106.1 named Bermudez’s video the winner of the Pimp My Classroom music video contest. As the winner, she  receives $1,500 to remake her classroom anyway she wants. High schools all across the country submitted videos to compete.

“I didn’t expect the kids to have so much fun; it was hot and sticky outside, but afterwards, that’s all they could talk about,” Bermudez said. “I’m glad they had such a positive experience from it.”

Two key students helped made the four minute long video that won: senior Jeremiah Brinkley and junior Andrew Bensley.

“I was very consumed with the pressure of making this video,” Brinkley said. “But not in a bad way, it was all worth it in the end. It was an experience that I loved doing.”

Brinkley directed the video, came up with the skit, and the lyrics all in a matter of about a week, even though he does not have even have Bermudez as a teacher.

“She asked me to direct the video at first.” Bensley said. “I told her that I couldn’t direct but I could sing so I asked my friend Jeremiah to help us direct it, and I was the one that sang for it.”

With the $1,500 that Bermudez now has to fix up her classroom, she has a lot to think about.

“I want an audience response system for my kids to use.” Bermudez said. “That way, when I do bell ringers, they will be able to click in their answer with a button and I will get immediate data to my computer about the answers that the kids chose.”

Bermudez said she is thankful that the boys decided to help her in creating the video.

“My kids were asking what Jeremiah and Andrew get out of helping, and I said nothing.” she said. “I realized that they just did it out of the kindness of their heart. I’m glad that they really drove and pushed this video so that we could win.”

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Teacher Wins First Place In KISS FM Radio Contest